Fifthsister Original One-Of-A-Kind Abstract Art

I so enjoy my layered mixed media process.  Every design, composition and color are specifically chosen and hand applied with care. There is a depth, a story and a meditation behind every piece. Emotions have come and gone through the creation process of every artwork. Ultimately, though frustration can be part of the equation, a peace is the deepest felt in the creation process. I hope with the purchase of your Fifthsister Original that this peace is brought to your home, your space for yourself and those who share this space with you. My hope is for the artwork to inspire you to see the world differently and with more loving eyes.

Contemplation of Sea and Sun, 24×48, Layered Mixed Media
Chihuly Inspired, 48×24, Layered Mixed Media
Dancing Wedding Bowls, 48×24, Layered Mixed Media
Evolving, 16×20, Layered Mixed Meda
Spiritual Dimensions, 48×24, Oil on Canvas
Cozy Bowls, 48×24, Oil on Canvas
I Love You Very Much, 30×40, Layered Mix Media
Freedom, 11×14, Layered Mixed Media
Gateway to Love, 22×28, Layered Mixed Media