Fifthsister Original One-Of-A-Kind Art

Every design, composition and color are specifically chosen and hand applied with care. There is a depth, a story and a meditation behind every piece. Emotions have come and gone through the creation process of every artwork. Ultimately, though frustration can be part of the equation, a peace is the deepest felt in the creation process. I hope with the purchase of your Fifthsister Original that this peace is brought to your home, your space for yourself and those who share this space with you. My hope is for the artwork to inspire you to see the world differently and with more loving eyes.

Buying original art is more than buying a décor item for your home.  When you buy original artwork you are buying the story of the artist, the story behind the creation of the artwork and you are adding to your own story. Buy an original piece of artwork today!

The Fifthsister Story

Every artist’s story begins at birth with life experiences unfolding as they will…as goes with the answer to the question, “How long did it take you to create this artwork?” to which my favorite reply … though not my original … is: “All of my life.” Every artwork is an accumulation of the experience of yet another day.  But, as to not bore you with the details of my life, I will start with the standard unoriginal statement verbiage… Connie Moore, M.Ed., began her career as an artist in 2003 when she opened a digital art studio and gallery in Waynoka, Oklahoma. (Waynoka is a cute little town in a rural setting and not an especially keen environment for selling art, but I have an amazing “uptown” gallery!  So come see me!  It is worth the trip.)  …. In the summer of 2011 her creative journey in layered mixed media abstract art began.  She discovered her love for this art process and was heavily influenced by the vast artistic community of Mendocino, California.  (Mendocino is a gorgeous setting and creativity easily flows here. It, too, is worth the time, money and effort to visit.)  In the summer of 2014, her creativity took yet another turn when she attended a week-long workshop from world-known master artist, Charles Becker.  Then in 2016 she began working with world-known master artist, Brian Davis to further her technique in still life oil realism.  The contrast of striving for a realistic outcome as opposed to the spontaneity of the abstract art pieces opened up new levels of fun for her.  Opposites of the discipline required with the realism in the still life oil and the energy of the free flow of the acrylic abstract keeps the artwork process fresh and moving forward.

Meet the Team


Oh, and my greatest supporter, Richard Moore, Ph.D.  We live on a farm north of Waynoka, Oklahoma with our dog, Zoe.

We also spend several months per year at our coastal home in Mendocino, California.