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better quality and color range than pressThe Giclee is quickly becoming the new standard in the art industry, and is widely embraced for its astonishing quality by major museums, galleries, publishers and artists. A Giclee Print is quite simply the closest replication of an original artwork that is currently possible.

We offer Giclee reproductions for artists allowing for better quality resolution and color range than press. This system also provides an easier method of offering different sizes on demand.

What is Giclee
Giclee (g-clay) is an elegant, state-of-the-art reproduction. The name comes from a French printmaker's term for "fine spray", and was adopted to distinguish the technique from ordinary offset printing. A giclee is created by a digital printer's tiny ink jets that spray millions of droplets of water-based ink onto fine archival art paper or canvas (or linen) known as the "substrate". The combination of specific inks and substrate are carefully selected to assure maximum print longevity.

Thanks to the Frame Haven Gallery Art Dictionary website for this definition.