frequently asked questions

How do I place an order?
Either call, email, or write to the studio. Money is not exchanged until you are satisfied with the artwork.

What type of payment do you accept?
Cash, check, Mastercard or Visa.

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About Fifth Sister Art Gallery and Studio
Connie J. Moore, M.Ed., dba The Fifth Sister Art Gallery and Studio offers distinctive, meaningful photo to art on canvas and Giclee’ reproductions of your original art.

gallery photoIn 2003, I was seeking a new career opportunity, when I discovered the incredible world of digital art. I invested in a building, digital equipment and a 64 inch printer…and, I can say, I have absolutely loved my work from the day I opened the doors. Each piece offers an exciting adventure for me coupling the desires of my customers, the infinite possibilities offered in the digital world and my vision for each piece. My greatest satisfaction comes from the smiles on my customer’s faces after an artwork is completed.

galleryThe art gallery is also home to original fine art of Oklahoma and area artists.

Also, the Gallery features the original artwork of digital artist, Connie Moore. This new and exciting media has unwrapped an art form with infinite possibilities.