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How can I send you images or photos?
We must start with a digital file. Thus, your photos can be sent to the studio and we will scan or you can scan your photos and save them to a CD. Please scan at the highest resolution possible (300 plus dpi). If your photos are none replaceable or one-of-a kind photos, please send them in appropriate packaging with certified mail service.

Do you send proofs?
Printing will not take place until you are fully satisfied with the composition. Proofs are sent either via email or can be viewed on the computer in the studio. If email is not available, a hard copy, printed on low quality medium can be mailed for approval.

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Photo to Art on Canvas
Do you have a stack of photos you wish could be showcased in your home instead of hiding in a photo album or box? photo to canvas exampleThe Fifth Sister Art Gallery and Studio has the perfect solution for turning your photos into meaningful pieces of art on canvas. These original one-of-a-kind art pieces, created using your photos, can be made to look photo realistic or created with a paint effect (to look like an oil painting or watercolor painting).

The Fifth Sister Studio will repair your damaged photos, add tint and print them on canvas. You then have a special art piece, of heirloom quality, to hang on your wall. And, a great feature of printing on canvas, you donít have to mess with framing it behind glass.

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Capture your memories with a photo collage and portrait
militaryphoto collagesportraits
Military CollagesPhoto CollagesPortraits

cherished visual history of your familyAlso, your collection of photos can be turned into a visual history or storyboard collage and printed on canvas to be cherished for generations to come. love story on canvasPossible ideas for these collages would be military memorabilia or a series of photos to create family trees to display as your familiesí history. Also, a collection of photos might be used to create a life passage or through the years storyboard. These make great gifts for milestone birthdays or milestone events such as graduations or weddings. Love-story collages make great gifts for a special anniversary couple. Your most cherished memories are created into a single artwork that will actually hang on your wall.

wedding to canvasUsing a photo collection of your childís life or maybe a collection of their first artwork, we will combine them and create a special treasure on canvas. These make great gifts to grandparents and family members.

Further, if you have a special single photo you would like created into a portrait format; The Fifth Sister Art Studio has this expertise as well.

Please note: We will need a release on all photos marked with copyright stamp.

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